Make a Difference

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We serve people in the greater Fredericksburg area through vocational training, job placement, educational services, and mentoring to help fulfill God’s purpose in the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  


Helping people live with a sense of God-given purpose and hope, better equipped to serve their communities 




"Open Hand gives an opportunity for youth to excel, and make some mistakes, in a job situation with the support of mentors and without the normal pressures of a regular job. I am very much in support of the mission and vision of Open Hand and I look forward to a continued partnership with them through their GRAD program."

- Sarah Perry | Downtown Greens | Executive Director

"We are so thankful for Open Hand of Fredericksburg - our intern has become an amazingly solid employee for us."

- Gordon Duncan | Capitalize Marketing | CEO

Our Statement on Social Justice

We at Open Hand of Fredericksburg, are passionate about racial unity and reconciliation. It’s what drives us to do what we do. As a diverse board, with diverse volunteers and students, we know that inequalities still exist within communities of color. It pains us to see the discrimination and social injustices that exists in our country, in the youth and their families that we work with, and that we’ve personally encountered in our own lives. We want to bring healing between racial divisions in our community. We stand with the broken who face discrimination and social injustices. Every person is incredibly unique and special. We have a message of hope and we plead for healing. We are an advocate and bridge-builder for racial equality and reconciliation through active and open listening, building caring relationships with others that have a different skin color than ours, and by our work to empower youth to rise up and overcome systemic and individual challenges.