Fall in Gratitude

We had GRAD sightings at the New City Fellowship (NCF) Annual Trunk or Treat!

It's always a true joy to see students outside of the program and be reminded of all their potential and hard work.

Much thanks go out to our 2021 GRADs who came out to help with: set up, registration, games, and clean up! More specifically, thank you to: Nevaeh Armstrong, Becky Logan, Mitchell Turton, and Grayson Myers.
Nevaeh manned the registration table, where we signed in a record number of community members (150)! Grayson manned out games section providing loads of fun to kids in our community. Mitchell helped set up and was the Event Leaders right hand man. Becky helped with registration and games.

Thank you all for your hard work and volunteering your Halloween to serve our local community!

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